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Dharma Yoga Pula

Zen Kids is an innovative program that combines music, movement, and mindfulness to provide a comprehensive experience for children. This program is designed with the aim of fostering children's creativity, physical activity, and emotional balance.

Music can enhance cognitive development, motor skills, language abilities, and social interactions in children. Music can also serve as therapy, as it can help children relax and express their feelings.

Through movement that incorporates elements of yoga, children will learn proper breathing, develop flexibility and balance, and improve their attention, focus, and body awareness.

Through mindfulness techniques, children learn how to focus on the present moment and accept it without judgment, helping them concentrate and be present in the current moment.

Tools like music, yoga, and mindfulness are essential parts of learning for our children growing up in a turbulent world. Through the 'Zen Kids' program, children will learn to connect with themselves, their environment, develop empathy towards others, and be happy and smiling

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